Wednesday, 14 September 2011

When to use a needle and thread!

Ha! Ha! Here is something I didn't think I would find myself doing this week.......a little bit of hand sewing. Well a little bit of tacking to be precise.

Just to echo words from my last blog post- there is a time and a place to tack your work together. As I also said in my last blog post- I am a very confident with my sewing skills so I never feel a need to tack my work before sitting down at my sewing machine. Well today I am eating my words, today I have been sewing chunky wadding and pom-poms together. If ever there was a time and a place to get my needle and thread out it has to be today.

I am so excited about my new lavender cushions and I cannot afford to make any mistakes. I have spent a good few hours cutting out teeny pieces of bunting, teeny pieces of vylene, ironing it all together and then carefully arranging it all. But end results are important so tacking on the pom-poms by hand it had to be. Not only that they are quite expensive so I just want to get everything right and lovely the first time. Also let's not forget that hand sewing is a valuable skill and should be encouraged more!!!!!

Once I have finished these little lovelies I will up load many pics of the end results. I already have them in mind as Christmas presents for certain bunting obsessed members of my family!

I hope you like?

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