Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Cushions- Dippers and Herons

I've been working on a new collection of products- for starters Dipper and Heron cushions. Scented of course.....some things don't change. Any whoo, I thought I'd show you a sneak preview.

Since deciding to stop making my lovely Russian Doll cushions I've opted for a bit of a change of direction. So its guns-a-blazing as I embrace my beautiful surroundings- I often see Herons as I'm driving to my unit, I regularly see Dippers.....Blackbirds, Robins, Crows, Swallows, even game birds.....oh how I could go on and on. I'm very lucky!

I'm taking my new cushions to the Borrowdale Shepherds' Meet this Sunday which is right in the rainy heart of the Lake District, hopefully I'll sell them all if not I shall list them in my Etsy shop. I was hoping to make a few Swallow brooches and country house key charms but I think they'll perhaps be ready for my next Craft Do!

You can see more pics on my FB page-

I was hoping to upload a few to Flickr but they've changed it and I don't know whats going on.........I do like change by the way!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

This week I've.........

....moved back into my unit after been away for quite some time. This was quite scary and I was full of anticipation, it was like going back to work after a long enjoyable holiday, or the start of a new job. But I have no choice as my sewing is taking over the house- which is no fun for my family! Anyway it was great to be back and even better to get out of the house...although I do miss BBC 6 Music as I have no DAB radio there! I work at Brougham Hall near Penrith which is an on going restoration project, see here- 

......I hiked up Catbells near Keswick and after working solidly since January, with barely any exercise, this was hard work at first. To think I used to stride up here when the girls were younger, in the days when I had a proper job and made a point of going up some local mountain at the weekend. Oh the joys of being self employed! At least I'm happy now and look at the view of Derwent Water- which is only part of the lovely scenery you enjoy right at the top, well worth screaming lungs and wobbley legs!

....after reading a really useful and inspiring article on Etsy  I've had a serious rethink about packaging! I'm not a graphic designer, as you can tell, but boy what a difference even just the simplest of packaging has made to my products.I think my 'Make Your Own' Bunting kits are presented with care and thought.

I spent a few hours playing around with Microsoft Publisher and produced these very simple packet headers. When I have a little more time I intend (I always intend) to improve the packaging. But right now I'm very happy with what I've achieved here and everything is kept neat and tidy which is great for transportation to craft fairs.

I'm particularly pleased with my 'Make Your Own' Prize Winning Ribbon kits, which I've made for the Borrowdale Shepherds' Meet next week in Borrowdale (funny enough) which is not far from Keswick. It took no effort to sew my buttons onto the tags and I think it looks great- they're presented nicely and you can see them!

I haven't stopped with Make Your Own kits...oh no! I now sell these spotty heart buttons in lovely little boxes! There's no stopping me now and I'm not ashamed to admit I think I have a packaging could worse!

Big link for the article I read-