Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Just get out!

And then you might see how things really are.

Just look at the state of my dining room-

What a bloody mess! Somewhere under there is a granite dining room table that was actually made for my birthday last year.

I only decided to nip out for some fresh air and to stretch my legs. Exercise is good for you after all. I've been sewing, sewing, sewing in my dining room for months, blissfully unaware that what to me is a creative haven others see as a tip. Until today after fresh air and exercise.

So I'm giving myself a sewing break and I think I should tidy up- I owe it to my family at least. They're a wonderful loud bunch but they never complain about my heaps of fabric taking over the house.

I might do a before and after shot. I'm also curious to know who else works like this? I might even start a "creative space or mess" group on Flickr

Look at my roots they're just as terrible. A make over is definitely needed here. Sadly I had to cancel my hair appointment last week. So I've taken to wearing really bright lipstick hopefully to draw the attention away from my untidy barnet


........on everything in my Folksy shop


Monday, 6 December 2010

Lets make- Monday

Today is a making day, it has to be, I have no choice!!!!!!
After being filled with so much self doubt last week and having a right old but much needed big twine, I now feel that things are starting to take place.

Wonderful things have happened of late- I have been approached by a number of business' to sell my products at Trade, which I am happy to do but more of that another time.

This weekend was a fantastic weekend! My self esteem was given an enormous boost at a lovely craft fair. To start with the organisers were such lovely and warm hearted people, they made the day a positive one and everyone was in a jolly, festive mood. I stood and chatted all day to many interesting people................................and I sold lots!!! In fact I almost sold out!!! Hence "Lets make Monday" as I have two more craft fairs coming up- eek! The best feeling for me is that because I was busy during the week leading up to the fair I didn't have chance to reduce my prices, so everything went for my original asking price. YAY!!  Everyone I spoke to appreciated "Handmade" and the fact that what I do is not mass produced. Finally!!

So yesterday was a mad dash for stash to the nearest haberdashery open on a Sunday in Carlisle! Not that I'm complaining because these places are my therapy, I really wish I had the money to own one. MMMMM! (Dreaming)
Nom! Nom! What a wonderful sight? My glimpsers can't quite believe it- buttons, fabric, colour and chocolate coins!!!! I especially love the colours of the zips, I sold out of bags so these will come in handy.

I would like to say thank you to the ladies from Hebden Bridge who were full of sewing knowledge, and to the lady who I think would have bought everything on my stall. You are rare gems!

Here's a picture I thought I would just throw in for pleasure. This is the view opposite my house this morning, it's very cold but beautiful and I feel very lucky.

Ok coffee then work. I think I am going to be glued to my sewing machine for the next few days.