Thursday, 19 April 2012

British Craft and Trade Fair- 2012

Before I get my head down to some much missed sewing I thought I would post a few pictures of me @ this years BCTF. Here I am- stand 312........crazy fact folks, so was my hotel room number! EEK!
 Having never attended before I didn't know what to expect, I had no idea on how much stock to bring along, how many business cards and price list to print off......I could go on! But then you have to start somewhere.

I used a lovely piece of furniture to display my products and I kept my display simple and straight to the point. I decided to take one of each of my designs, however next time I may take more and create more of an impact. My space was small but bigger than I imagined so I could have gone wild......that's for next year!

 I met some lovely people, designers and buyers and spent three days with some of the most truly wonderful, funny and creative people I have ever met. Everyone was kind and generous. I also caught up with many friends. Above all the talent at the show was outstanding and very overwhelming- it made me glad that I'm not a buyer and I think they were as exhausted as us designers.

 So now I have things to make and then follow up on all the shop owners and gallery owners who took my price list and admired my work!!!

 ME! Believe me when I tell you that, that white carpet amazingly didn't get too filthy over three days!!!! I'm not going to invest in one though!

I now have sewing withdrawal symptoms and I'm looking forward to making, what seems like, a fresh start.