Thursday, 3 April 2014

New Products and BCTF 2014

This is a very quick post to say that I am almost ready for my trade fair this weekend..........

BCTF 6th-8th April. @ the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. I am stand 124


I have more pictures here-  if you'd like a nosey? I shall be adding more photos later in the day.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

In preparation of my forthcoming trade fair.....nearly ready!

Yes in only a matter of weeks I will once again be exhibiting at the BCTF event in Harrogate and therefore I thought I would show a few of my new products. Some things might look very familiar.....but I'm always improving my work (as designers and makers we owe that to ourselves- its good to stretch our minds and skills) so hopefully my improved work should be better than last year.

My butterfly scented cushions are very new! I do not know why I've never thought of making these before. They are lovely and perfect for a girls bed room.

 My hanging lavender bags are my best seller......great for a 'New Home' gift, birthday treat or Mother's Day gift. I really enjoy making these and yes they are improved because every time I make them I feel they are getting better! bird and butterfly purses and cosmetic bags! I know these are not yet finished (I'm waiting for my labels)!!!! As soon as they arrive I endeavour it will be take a day to finish this little lot off!! I'm really excited about my new purses I've really enjoyed sewing the bird and butterfly details.

My fabric pots are still a good seller- they're tricky to make but worth it and useful! Houses, wild flowers and birds rule my craft pot world! Pop over to my Etsy shop and visit section I have 'Made to Order'  Mother's Day fabric pots, last day for ordering is 11th March.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Updates and New Things for 2014

Available from my website

Hello lovely people in Blog Land and a Happy New Year to YOU!!!! This post is especially for those of you who I met during the many Christmas fairs I attended and asked.....'When are going to update your blog'? First of all thank you for sticking around.............last year I was BUSY! I spent my time last year mainly making my items for shops and galleries, I cannot deny that it wasn't easy but it was satisfying to be busy and appreciated! Gone are those days of sitting behind my work at craft fairs only to hear passers by say 'How lovely' or (quietly) 'You can make that yourself'! Well for now anyway, I'm not blinkered and those days could return! things for 2014, I have updated my website and there are many new items for sale over there. The telephone detail above is from my new phone cases and I also have lovely new cosmetic bags for sale. This year....well in the next few days, I will be designing and making Glasses Cases! Because I listen to you and this was the most asked for thing over Christmas, so I will now be making them. YAY! Applauses for me! If you would like one you can always contact me (at) MMMM lets see what else is on my big list.......I have ideas for pictures, this is something new for me but an idea that I have thought long and hard over. I think I will be starting with a row of houses- as this is something else I've been asked to make. I also have new ideas for cushions! My head is FIZZZING!

If you didn't know already I'm having a SALE over on my Etsy website and this will end on Jan 31st, so pop over there quick smart!!!!! I shall keep my handmade Etsy shop and I also have new things to list on it but I don't really have the time to dedicate to my buttons and ribbons shop any more, so that will probably fizzle out soon. Although I do have lots of lovely supplies so I will still sell them at craft events.

I thought I would show you something new I'm working on. Hopefully this will eventually be a new scented cushion!