Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Cushions- Dippers and Herons

I've been working on a new collection of products- for starters Dipper and Heron cushions. Scented of course.....some things don't change. Any whoo, I thought I'd show you a sneak preview.

Since deciding to stop making my lovely Russian Doll cushions I've opted for a bit of a change of direction. So its guns-a-blazing as I embrace my beautiful surroundings- I often see Herons as I'm driving to my unit, I regularly see Dippers.....Blackbirds, Robins, Crows, Swallows, even game birds.....oh how I could go on and on. I'm very lucky!

I'm taking my new cushions to the Borrowdale Shepherds' Meet this Sunday which is right in the rainy heart of the Lake District, hopefully I'll sell them all if not I shall list them in my Etsy shop. I was hoping to make a few Swallow brooches and country house key charms but I think they'll perhaps be ready for my next Craft Do!

You can see more pics on my FB page-

I was hoping to upload a few to Flickr but they've changed it and I don't know whats going on.........I do like change by the way!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

This week I've.........

....moved back into my unit after been away for quite some time. This was quite scary and I was full of anticipation, it was like going back to work after a long enjoyable holiday, or the start of a new job. But I have no choice as my sewing is taking over the house- which is no fun for my family! Anyway it was great to be back and even better to get out of the house...although I do miss BBC 6 Music as I have no DAB radio there! I work at Brougham Hall near Penrith which is an on going restoration project, see here- 

......I hiked up Catbells near Keswick and after working solidly since January, with barely any exercise, this was hard work at first. To think I used to stride up here when the girls were younger, in the days when I had a proper job and made a point of going up some local mountain at the weekend. Oh the joys of being self employed! At least I'm happy now and look at the view of Derwent Water- which is only part of the lovely scenery you enjoy right at the top, well worth screaming lungs and wobbley legs!

....after reading a really useful and inspiring article on Etsy  I've had a serious rethink about packaging! I'm not a graphic designer, as you can tell, but boy what a difference even just the simplest of packaging has made to my products.I think my 'Make Your Own' Bunting kits are presented with care and thought.

I spent a few hours playing around with Microsoft Publisher and produced these very simple packet headers. When I have a little more time I intend (I always intend) to improve the packaging. But right now I'm very happy with what I've achieved here and everything is kept neat and tidy which is great for transportation to craft fairs.

I'm particularly pleased with my 'Make Your Own' Prize Winning Ribbon kits, which I've made for the Borrowdale Shepherds' Meet next week in Borrowdale (funny enough) which is not far from Keswick. It took no effort to sew my buttons onto the tags and I think it looks great- they're presented nicely and you can see them!

I haven't stopped with Make Your Own kits...oh no! I now sell these spotty heart buttons in lovely little boxes! There's no stopping me now and I'm not ashamed to admit I think I have a packaging could worse!

Big link for the article I read-

Friday, 31 August 2012


Hey folks....I've decided to return to blogger! Hi my lovely blog- how've you been? I've been spending a little time over at Facebook.
I like using FB for my business, I like the immediacy of it, the quick interaction, the likes, the little chats. But I have missed using my blog. I like the add ons and the pretty pictures and the little notes I can put on the side bars- I'm happy when I decorate things/ tart things up!!!!! I've also spent a little time searching my soul and coming to terms with the terrible fair I encountered during the Jubilee week-

So I thought I would make a welcome return by mentioning that I'm having a  S A L E over in my Etsy Shop this seems like an appropriate way to make a come back. I've had a 'design epiphany' and I want to get rid of many items.

I've decided that I'm no longer going to make my Matryoshka scented cushions. As lovely as they are I feel that they no longer represent me or who I am as a designer of pretty housewares. I'm ready for a new direction and I have designs and ideas that are screaming out of me!!! It's an exciting way to feel! The Matryoshka cushions are reduced to £15 and my larger ones with the bird designs are £18- they're handmade and stuffed with delicious dried lavender and dried hops, so I consider that a very good price.

Just to confuse you the cushion above is not in my sale...... this is one of my lovely new designs and retails for £22.50. I thought it would be nice to show you what I have been up to while I've been away enjoying FB. I think my new work is more considered, there is far more attention to detail which makes me a better designer or maybe I'm just growing up!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Friday, 6 July 2012

A quick note to say Hooray it's Friday

Hey folks....hope you're all well? Here's a sneaky peak of a bag for one of my customers. I've been busy, busy, busy with a number of trade orders but they're almost finished.....pheweeeee!!!! Once I've caught up with my sleep for a month or two I plan a return, I've missed my little blogging world it's a comfortable place!

Laters! Have a good weekend!

Trade Order- Applique Bird Bag

Trade orders nearly finished guys!

Textile Trade Order

This is what I've been up to in my time away......quite a few more to make!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

British Craft and Trade Fair- 2012

Before I get my head down to some much missed sewing I thought I would post a few pictures of me @ this years BCTF. Here I am- stand 312........crazy fact folks, so was my hotel room number! EEK!
 Having never attended before I didn't know what to expect, I had no idea on how much stock to bring along, how many business cards and price list to print off......I could go on! But then you have to start somewhere.

I used a lovely piece of furniture to display my products and I kept my display simple and straight to the point. I decided to take one of each of my designs, however next time I may take more and create more of an impact. My space was small but bigger than I imagined so I could have gone wild......that's for next year!

 I met some lovely people, designers and buyers and spent three days with some of the most truly wonderful, funny and creative people I have ever met. Everyone was kind and generous. I also caught up with many friends. Above all the talent at the show was outstanding and very overwhelming- it made me glad that I'm not a buyer and I think they were as exhausted as us designers.

 So now I have things to make and then follow up on all the shop owners and gallery owners who took my price list and admired my work!!!

 ME! Believe me when I tell you that, that white carpet amazingly didn't get too filthy over three days!!!! I'm not going to invest in one though!

I now have sewing withdrawal symptoms and I'm looking forward to making, what seems like, a fresh start.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Folksy Shop news!!!!

I've just re-opened my Folksy Shop. I did plan a grand re-opening with a huge one day sale but alas I am slowly running out of time before my big show dates. I still have a mountain of sewing to get through- projects to finish, projects to start...lists to tick!! Thankfully it is no longer a daunting sewing mountain and the heaps are going down.

My Folksy shop is presently stocked with buttons and ribbons, no handmade lovelies just yet!! It is not teaming with crafty bits, however I have listed some nice colourful supplies! Enjoy X

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Product Pics and Editorials

 I did consider naming this blog post 'Too Much to do and NOT Enough Time'....blah, blah, blah....this would also be appropriate. I have in fact spent my morning taking, what seems like, a million photos. I am not a natural photographer but I do know how to use Photoshop- Yahoo! Is my answer to that. Out of my million photos I've produced one decent one and this is going to be featured in the next edition of Giftware Review along with my editorial. You lovely folks in the know may recall me announcing that this year I shall be attending The British Craft and Trade Fair during April and the Giftware Review Magazine is doing a lovely feature on this event.

Don't worry.....this picture is not a product picture I just want you to see my new bags that I will be showcasing at BCTF. I am kinda smug and very proud of these baggy creations. But I haven't just 'knocked' them out, oh no, I have consistently worked on this design and tweaked it and perfected it for over a year. Smug and satisfied!! that I have your attention I would like to let you know that I have many new button collections in my supplies shop on Etsy. These Funky Flower Buttons are awesome and I love them, great for Springtime projects.

Because I have such an appetite for colour I couldn't help adding these Neon Bright Buttons to my shop. My supplies shop has been on my back burner for a while and I imagine it will remain that way while I am busy preparing for BCTF and the Great British Home Show at Glow, Bluewater. However, please keep popping round to have a nosey because I am constantly listing new goodies, I simply don't have the time to be advertising. 

Friday, 24 February 2012

I have a reason for my bloggy absence!

This morning I felt compelled to blog as I haven't been here for yonks and yonks. However, I have been very busy you know- I haven't been sat around idly doing nawt. Far from it!

This year I am attending two big events- I have decided to do The British Trade and Craft Fair this is huge personal challenge to me and I have decided against it for three's a confidence thing! Will my textile work be up to it? Or will I walk away with a 'must try harder' sticker never to return. I hope not!

I have also been asked to attend The Great British Home Show at Glow, Bluewater ........GULP! This is a five day event and I will leave that for another day because to be honest I am starting to wake up in a panic over it.

So now that my little chat is over here are a few pics of my crafty projects. Albeit unfinished!

 This collection of delicious fabrics will eventually be a lavender cushion, there are a few finishing touches to be added.

 More lovely fabric soon to be turned into a cushion.

Documenting my work like is fantastic for me. It isn't easy this self-employed thing! Who's around during the day to kick my arse and say 'NO! You have work to do... get off the Internet, put that phone down, stop dancing madly to that mental tune'? MMM! Nobody s'pose. Then it's hands down as soon as my family get in.

As I have sooooo, sew much to do and I should find a different work ethic, i.e, simply get on with it. I've decided to take regular pictures and document my progress. I think this is a good challenge and I really owe to myself and my family, because they are a great support of my crafty antics, to do the best I can!

See you same time next week with a whole new batch of textile goodness!