Friday, 31 August 2012


Hey folks....I've decided to return to blogger! Hi my lovely blog- how've you been? I've been spending a little time over at Facebook.
I like using FB for my business, I like the immediacy of it, the quick interaction, the likes, the little chats. But I have missed using my blog. I like the add ons and the pretty pictures and the little notes I can put on the side bars- I'm happy when I decorate things/ tart things up!!!!! I've also spent a little time searching my soul and coming to terms with the terrible fair I encountered during the Jubilee week-

So I thought I would make a welcome return by mentioning that I'm having a  S A L E over in my Etsy Shop this seems like an appropriate way to make a come back. I've had a 'design epiphany' and I want to get rid of many items.

I've decided that I'm no longer going to make my Matryoshka scented cushions. As lovely as they are I feel that they no longer represent me or who I am as a designer of pretty housewares. I'm ready for a new direction and I have designs and ideas that are screaming out of me!!! It's an exciting way to feel! The Matryoshka cushions are reduced to £15 and my larger ones with the bird designs are £18- they're handmade and stuffed with delicious dried lavender and dried hops, so I consider that a very good price.

Just to confuse you the cushion above is not in my sale...... this is one of my lovely new designs and retails for £22.50. I thought it would be nice to show you what I have been up to while I've been away enjoying FB. I think my new work is more considered, there is far more attention to detail which makes me a better designer or maybe I'm just growing up!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

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