Saturday, 27 November 2010

Price Wars

I'm presently experiencing a real dilema where pricing my products is concerned. I always thought I was charging the correct amount for my handmade goods, especially as I consider them to be unique, excellent quality, one offs and original. I make everything myself, I don't run a sweat shop so things take time. But I'm starting to feel consistently backed into a corner. Only last week at a craft fair a women picked up one of my Crimbo decorations and pointed at the price to her friend.

So do I swallow my pride and drop my prices (considerably)? Or stand my ground and maybe one day people will be happy to pay my prices and really appreciate handmade? Any suggestions? Whats a reasonable amount?

In the meantime I've reduced the prices on my lovely lavender bags

This is available in my Folksy shop

MMMM! What to do? What to do?


  1. I am going to be totally honest with you as I really think some times its silly to beat about the bush and say oh yes its lovely and stick to your prices when you may be losing out and so are your potential customers when they could be walking away with one of your beautiful handmade goods!

    Anyway I have checked out your store and Your Christmas baubles I would price at 4.00,the lavender filled ones maybe 4.50,
    zesty floral bag I would put at 15 but the other bags are fairly priced but You could change the prices slightly lower for different events. Love the bunting but I would probably price that slightly lower, I think the gorgeous lavender pillows 29.00. I think with decorations there is really no point in making them to price so high, those are your little items of joy which everyone should be able to purchase, if you can give them a website with your details on with these then it could mean you get more buys later on. There is sooo much competition out there so I understand it must be hard!

    I hope that doesn't upset you too much and of course you can tell me where to shove my opinions :) But when I see these questions being asked I always like to give honest answers :)

    Hope you do well with your shop and the fairs!

  2. Hi. I too have raised the subject of pricing on my blog, and the response was really useful. Most crafters felt that I was not charging enough, but a few said that I was too high. I sell cushions for £12, bunting (3 mtrs with 9 double sided flags) £7.50 and decorations for £1.25. Having said that, at my last event I didn't sell a single decoration (felt appliqued stars and small hand knitted stockings), and someone said that my bunting was pricey! I have accepted that I will never obe paid for my time, and sometimes I barely cover my costs. It's sad, but I think that most people simply care about the cost, with no regard as to where or how things are made.

  3. Hello, I'm afraid I have nothing constructive to say about pricing - I'm sure I get mine wrong, and even have lots of money off promotions and I still don't sell anything, lol!

    I think you need to keep making things that you would like to buy, and if someone really wants it then they should be happy to pay a reasonable price for all the design, fabrics, effort in making, and your time. Perhaps try a % off promo now and then to see if that makes any difference. If it does, then that might be the way to go - just reducing prices a fraction to test the water.

    Good luck!!
    Jane x

  4. Cheers Groovy Pumpkin,
    yes it's a tricky one. Although I have just done a craft fair that was brilliant!! I stood and chatted to people all day, who were more than happy to pay the price for handmade and quality items.

    The trouble is other people who make things and then sell them cheap! Dare I say people who make cards from packs or hobbycraft. These are the folks who I feel devalue us artists and designers who have studied for years.

    GRRRRR! I do like a good twine!