Monday, 23 May 2011

Ribbon Joy Worth Shouting About

Feast your eyes on these.......

WOWEEEEEE!!!! How gorgeous are my new ribbons? I'm just excited about their deep richness of the colours and their vibrancy tis all and you deserve to be excited too! If you could only see me, I love them so much that I'm doing a little jig!!!!

Just one thing! Has any one noticed how many spotty supplies I stock?

Latest Edition

Those of you who know me or who read this little blog.....that's not very many of you lovely folks but I do cherish those of you who put time aside to read my ramblings. Anyway those of you who are lovely enough to follow my blog and pass comments may have realised a common thread either within my work or with the supplies I sell? That common thread is COLOUR!! I think I have discussed my passion for colour in a previous post so I won't bore you any further with the topic of colour- I really want to show you my new colour scheme of button bags.

I have put together a collection of one type of button in a single colour- I don't do this very often as I like to have good mix and variety of colours and size. However this new buttons range is so beautiful and I think pretty classy I felt it a shame to mix the buttons.

This is my classy black, white and red range and available for sale now at onceinthenorth2.etsy


 I think these would be ideal for big button brooches or I would probably use them to embellish a bag.

Finally, I want you to watch this space for new button and supplies news coming soon........I'm talking about a proper shop!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 6 May 2011


I'VE REDUCED THIS BUTTON BAG FOR A QUICK SALE- I have reduced it by approx £2.50/$4.00 (I think). You will receive it for less than its R.R.P and you will also be getting about 20 buttons for free.....nawt.....zilch!

WOW! What are you lovely crafties waiting for.....

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Today is a day for.......

Coordinating the most beautiful fabrics I can find.....

 .........collecting ribbons and trims in contrasting colours and tones (lots of yummy vintage buttons).....and of course using much savvy design know how!

Today is a day for bag making! I'm so excited that I am dancing as I'm posting this blog.

I will return with pics of my finished baggy delights!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

And now for something completely different!

Spotty whoppers! Ha! Ha! I couldn't stop laughing last night when I thought of that.....anyway.

 These awesome buttons are.....well....awesome! I love them! They're over sized, ridiculous and fun! What else do we need to be cheered up.

I have them for sale at Once In The North 2 on Etsy and CreativeStores - which is a new online market place full of crafty artisans who are brimming with talent.

I will take a bundle to the Vintage Wedding Fair in Kendal, Cumbria......I actually can't find the details right now. Some business woman I am hey? I promise to sort this very soon. So, I know these buttons are far from vintage- but there is nothing stopping you from using them to jazz up a tired cardy, a bag, or make them into a brooch. LETS GET CREATIVE!!!!

OH! And by the way......May the 4th be with you!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Teeny Weeny Spotty Buttons and 'Heart Felt' Make.....

Let me show you something sooooo cute I can hardly believe my eyes........

Teeny tiny spotty buttons in an abundance of beautiful colours- AHHHHH! These are the things that dreams are truly made of......well mine anyway!

I actually didn't think it was possible to get spotty buttons that would give me even more crafty pleasures than the spotty buttons in my last blog post......bit of a rambling sentence there but it makes sense to me in my crafty fuddled head!

They're for sale now and listed on Etsy and I have named them Teeny Weeny Spotty Buttons......of course! They come in a variety of seven gorgeous colours and there are 30 of each colour, they are pricey- sorry folks! This takes into consideration the counting out of these teeny thingies but they are no more expensive than their R.R.P.

 Of course I have kept some for myself and during last Friday when every body was 'loved up' I decided to make my 'Heart Felt' brooches. 

I started with a hearty template......collected oodles of my lovely felt in an array of sumptuous colours....then basically started cutting! Wah! Hey!
 I cut two heart pieces for each brooch then sewed them together but leaving a small gap- this is so that I am able to sew the brooch back on and then stuff the heart with wadding. This part is very fiddley but after much experimenting I have never found an easy way to sew the brooch backs on, if I sew them on first there comes a point where they get in the way of my sewing machine!

 After a good stuffing I sewed the gap up! THEN after much thought and lengthy discussion with my other half I chose to glue the teeny buttons onto the felt. I used a very strong Gutermann textile glue and if I didn't have this glue I would have been in no doubt but to sew the buttons on.  Once again I have kept one of these brooches for myself, but only so that I can give it a good 'bashing'- product testing you could call it. HA! HA!

 Here we have a few finished wholesome heart products. I intend to sell them next week at a vintage wedding fair ( I will do a blog post with info by the end of the week) I have been asked to take part in. I'm a little worried as this is very new to me but I'm sure I will enjoy myself. I may also make some kits up so people can make their lovely brooches. I will also be selling my buttons and pins etc. to make a few bags.