Wednesday, 4 May 2011

And now for something completely different!

Spotty whoppers! Ha! Ha! I couldn't stop laughing last night when I thought of that.....anyway.

 These awesome buttons are.....well....awesome! I love them! They're over sized, ridiculous and fun! What else do we need to be cheered up.

I have them for sale at Once In The North 2 on Etsy and CreativeStores - which is a new online market place full of crafty artisans who are brimming with talent.

I will take a bundle to the Vintage Wedding Fair in Kendal, Cumbria......I actually can't find the details right now. Some business woman I am hey? I promise to sort this very soon. So, I know these buttons are far from vintage- but there is nothing stopping you from using them to jazz up a tired cardy, a bag, or make them into a brooch. LETS GET CREATIVE!!!!

OH! And by the way......May the 4th be with you!!


  1. they are so cool! good luck with the fair!

  2. Thank you JuicyFig. Big apologies for never making time to pop over to your blog- I'm a rubbish time keeper and I try to fit as much in before the girls get home from school! Must try harder!