Monday, 23 May 2011

Latest Edition

Those of you who know me or who read this little blog.....that's not very many of you lovely folks but I do cherish those of you who put time aside to read my ramblings. Anyway those of you who are lovely enough to follow my blog and pass comments may have realised a common thread either within my work or with the supplies I sell? That common thread is COLOUR!! I think I have discussed my passion for colour in a previous post so I won't bore you any further with the topic of colour- I really want to show you my new colour scheme of button bags.

I have put together a collection of one type of button in a single colour- I don't do this very often as I like to have good mix and variety of colours and size. However this new buttons range is so beautiful and I think pretty classy I felt it a shame to mix the buttons.

This is my classy black, white and red range and available for sale now at onceinthenorth2.etsy


 I think these would be ideal for big button brooches or I would probably use them to embellish a bag.

Finally, I want you to watch this space for new button and supplies news coming soon........I'm talking about a proper shop!!!!!!!!!

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