Friday, 24 February 2012

I have a reason for my bloggy absence!

This morning I felt compelled to blog as I haven't been here for yonks and yonks. However, I have been very busy you know- I haven't been sat around idly doing nawt. Far from it!

This year I am attending two big events- I have decided to do The British Trade and Craft Fair this is huge personal challenge to me and I have decided against it for three's a confidence thing! Will my textile work be up to it? Or will I walk away with a 'must try harder' sticker never to return. I hope not!

I have also been asked to attend The Great British Home Show at Glow, Bluewater ........GULP! This is a five day event and I will leave that for another day because to be honest I am starting to wake up in a panic over it.

So now that my little chat is over here are a few pics of my crafty projects. Albeit unfinished!

 This collection of delicious fabrics will eventually be a lavender cushion, there are a few finishing touches to be added.

 More lovely fabric soon to be turned into a cushion.

Documenting my work like is fantastic for me. It isn't easy this self-employed thing! Who's around during the day to kick my arse and say 'NO! You have work to do... get off the Internet, put that phone down, stop dancing madly to that mental tune'? MMM! Nobody s'pose. Then it's hands down as soon as my family get in.

As I have sooooo, sew much to do and I should find a different work ethic, i.e, simply get on with it. I've decided to take regular pictures and document my progress. I think this is a good challenge and I really owe to myself and my family, because they are a great support of my crafty antics, to do the best I can!

See you same time next week with a whole new batch of textile goodness!


  1. Hello from a new member. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed looking at your blog today. Your work is stunning and I have laughed out loud at some of your comments. Craft fair Rant is my favourite, (sometimes you wonder what possesses some people to set foot in a craft tent!!), and the photo of a bored Lily is hilarious.

    Keep blogging

  2. Thank you very much and thank you for following me! I do not find this blogging thing easy and I am very lazy when it comes to keeping it fresh and updated. So your words are appreciated.