Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Corner.

I have finally managed to create ONE exciting Christmassy corner in my house and I am very happy! Oh I do have a tree, before you ponder. But I am particularly proud of my festive shelves! SAD!?

 I actually didn't think I would make it this far. I've had endless craft fairs, hence no blogging, and my shops have been nice and busy. Most of my items in these photographs have joined me at my events so they have lived in the boot of my car for two-ish months. Now they have a new life for a short while- until it all starts again.
My pictures might be a little crude and this blog post is probably a bit sad but you see this is a milestone for me. At the start of my craft fair adventure in October I couldn't envisage it ever coming to an end, and boy did I get stressy. I don't find it all easy trying to run a business and a family, something usually suffers! So I think this post is to simply congratulate myself. TEE! HEE!

Now I will start on the rest of the house- it's the house that has suffered me thinks!

New THINGS FOR NEXT YEAR-  I am planning on setting up a website because I like the idea of everything being under one roof. I've actually started creating it so please keep watching for updates.


  1. Well done getting through all those fairs... I love your Christmas corner!

  2. Thank you! Yes one craft fair every other weekend for about two months, I'm thoroughly exhausted! Some brilliant, some terrible! Now I have to tackle the rest of my house!