Sunday, 9 March 2014

In preparation of my forthcoming trade fair.....nearly ready!

Yes in only a matter of weeks I will once again be exhibiting at the BCTF event in Harrogate and therefore I thought I would show a few of my new products. Some things might look very familiar.....but I'm always improving my work (as designers and makers we owe that to ourselves- its good to stretch our minds and skills) so hopefully my improved work should be better than last year.

My butterfly scented cushions are very new! I do not know why I've never thought of making these before. They are lovely and perfect for a girls bed room.

 My hanging lavender bags are my best seller......great for a 'New Home' gift, birthday treat or Mother's Day gift. I really enjoy making these and yes they are improved because every time I make them I feel they are getting better! bird and butterfly purses and cosmetic bags! I know these are not yet finished (I'm waiting for my labels)!!!! As soon as they arrive I endeavour it will be take a day to finish this little lot off!! I'm really excited about my new purses I've really enjoyed sewing the bird and butterfly details.

My fabric pots are still a good seller- they're tricky to make but worth it and useful! Houses, wild flowers and birds rule my craft pot world! Pop over to my Etsy shop and visit section I have 'Made to Order'  Mother's Day fabric pots, last day for ordering is 11th March.


  1. They look absolutely wonderful and will be a great success! You have done a marvellous job x

  2. Oh! Thank you....thank you......thank you!!!!!!

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