Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Finished Lavender Lovelies.

I have finally finished my scented cushions. They've had a good stuffing with lavender and hops and all loose threads have been snipped and tidied...........

I am so much in love with this pretty Scandinavian Folk print. I know it isn't particulary Christmassy but against  he right fabrics and trims it could.....you will be seeing it frequently!!!

It is a personal acheivement to create something so simple and I am very happy with my new cushions.

My beautiful Liberty stash.......and pom-poms!

Simple and satisfying, my scented cushions have been a pleasure to sew. I was concerned that the pom-pom trims might be too fussy but actually they're not- which is good because I can't wait to use them in everything. Er! Maybe not?

Yippie! I am excited. I am a fabric, pom-pom, sewing addict.