Sunday, 18 September 2011

Scented Cushions- nearly finished!!!

OK so these pictures may be slightly crude because I haven't quite finished off my scented cushions but I am so excited with the way they have turned out, I just had to take a few snaps to show you.

I think my theme for winter is definitely comfort and therefore 'cute houses'- hopefully you might be able to make out the cute house appliqued on the top cushion?

I have been busy- yes? Christmas is upon us and this year I have decided to get ahead of the game. Or at least I'm going to have a go. I am determined to be more organised and right now I do feel positive and driven, which actually makes me feel good! One thing I am sure of is that my house smells great!

Here we go....'cute houses and adorable Russian Dolls'.!

I think I'm obsessed- I cannot get enough of these dinky colourful pom-pom trims.

I will add the finishing touches tomorrow. Whoopee!


  1. Such happy and fun little cushions! I love that pom-pom trim too!
    What have you scented them with?

  2. Hi Catherine- my cushions are filled with lavender and hops. I had no trouble sleeping last night!!