Tuesday, 5 July 2011

FREE Felt Pack and FREE Buttons when you purchase Gutermann Textile Glue

I have listed in my supplies shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop/onceinthenorth2 two tubes of the excellent Gutermann textile glue. I have priced it at £4.60 which is a good retail price.

This is new textile territory for me! I use this glue a lot- it is excellent quality and good and strong. However I have never sold it. So believe me when I say it is the best textile glue around. 

Personally I love this Gutermann Textile Glue and I've used it myself in many textile projects. I use it when work gets tricky and far too intricate for a sewing machine or even a hand held needle, such as gluing purses to their frames, gluing teeny buttons onto brooches and recently I've used it to glue buttons and bows onto my new Matryoshka Badges.

With this glue I am GIVING AWAY a felt pack of 25 pieces of various colours. Each piece measures approx 4inchX4inch, these small pieces are big enough to make a brooch, a pin cushion, a lovely decoration, a small appliqued lavender cushion........lots!

I am also GIVING AWAY a 30g bag of random buttons-

WHAT a generous offer me thinks! AND WHAT are you waiting for! To be honest if I could give away the glue too then I probably would, maybe another day, but right now this mother of two has to earn a living!!

I'm also doing a bit of product testing. If the glue sells then I will stock more and if this craft felt is crafty and textiley enough then I will add this to my shop.

This is a lovely bundle of ....well loveliness.

I've used the Gutermann Textile Glue here....


.......and here. Good for fiddely projects!

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