Friday, 1 July 2011

Foody Friday

I don't actually know why I've listing a number of button bags at with foody titles. Maybe its because I've built up an appetite working with children all afternoon. Or perhaps it's something to do with it being a fabulous Friday....who knows? Not me! It's probably because I just love eating-

  Nom! Nom! Ice- Cream lovelies  I've listed these buttons in bags of 30g and 100g. I've discovered that 30g button bags are my best sellers at craft fairs- not everyone wants a big bulky bag and that's why I've decided to list them in my shop. I really love the pastel sugaryness of these buttons.

I'm soooo proud of this photograph. It may only be a pic of buttons but I do wrestle with the camera as I'm no natural photographer. I've definitely captured the rich chocolate and coffee colours of this scrumptious button bag. I'm also selling these buttons in bags of 30g and 100g.

I think I will now go and enjoy some real food, I have made myself very hungry!

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