Monday, 4 July 2011

A Few New Bags and My Mum's Vintage Button Collection

Oh yes vintage buttons.....let me show-

My mum gave me these buttons almost 20yrs ago and she had them for a long time before that. Let me tell you that my mum was a bit of a trend setter in her day, living in London during the 60's and going to art college. FAB! So I've always imagined that these buttons would be able to tell a few interesting stories.

Sometimes I've kept these beauties in a box or a jar, I've stored them away and I've had them on show. I've always admired them and also been curious by them. Just recently I took another good look at them and found myself wanting to use them in my textile work and designs. I'm not sure why I haven't done this already.......I think it's been a lack of confidence or maybe not wanting let some of them go.

However I have made a couple of cute clutches/purses and embellished them with my mum's buttons

 This pretty blue cornflower clutch is my favourite out of all the bags I have made recently. I love the HUGELY OVER SIZED turquoise button- this is what I call perfection.
My bag is for sale here-

I think perhaps it is also a matter of patience and waiting until the right fabric or even design idea comes along!

All of my bags are for sale at

I think I will take some more pics of these lovely buttons to show them off!

By the way please ignore- spelling mistakes, puntuation, gobildeegoop....I caught the sun very badly yesterday and I'm starting to feel rubbish! I will correct any errors tomorrow.



  1. Love the bags - really unique, fabulous colours and I love the button embellishments.
    And I've just realised my mum has a similar collection...I used to love playing with her buttons when I was small. Maybe I will try and convince her to give some of them to me!

  2. Hi.....jeez I'm having HUGE problems signing into Blogger GRRRRRR!!!!!

    Anyway vintage buttons....yeah go for it! I love em all and I feel they've added a little spark of awesome to my bags.