Thursday, 1 April 2010

Some things don't always go to plan......

....but they can actually turn out better than hoped.

I've just finished these cute lavender bird and heart pillows/bags and I'm chuffed to bits. They've ended up a little bigger than I originally planned therefore I think they should be called pillows and not bags, but I am so, so pleased with the outcome.

I am now inspired to make some more- mainly because the smell oozing out of them is beautiful and sweet. This time I will make small bags to hang up!


  1. They are gorgeous, love all the beautiful colours!

  2. I really really love these!! I could do with a pin cushion version!! You should definitely make more! x

  3. Cheers Nikki, I love that idea....gonna stay up all night now making them coz I'm so excited! I will send you one- I definately owe you a prezzie!