Thursday, 8 April 2010

EEK! Something went wrong!

Oh! Dear! I can't say that yesterday was a successful day at work. After a much needed, self indulgent, chocolaty Easter break, I thought my batteries would be fully charged, refreshed and revitalised. How wrong could I be! Instead of pressing the"Back to Work" button on my magic wand .........

I accidentally hit "SOLARIZE"! EEK!
Mrs Bellas will you ever forgive me?
You are such a beautiful lady but right now you look like The Wicked Witch from the West . What will your family think? How will you cope in public when people stop and stare? Lets face it no amount of the best cosmetics known to adorable women will fix that blemish! Most importantly- how will you be able to drink tea and eat cake with a bag on your head? I endeavor to take control of this desperate situation.

I'm afraid to say I've ruined our work. Our unit is now a home for lavender filled neon chicks, however I'm kinda loving those big groovy polka dots!

OK! Ground control to Major Tom, is this looking slightly better? We're finally out of the solarize mode. We might be able to get away with this (no-one will notice). I'd better wave my magic wand over the ever gorgeous Mrs. Bellas.......

EH? What do you mean? "You don't feel any better!" To be continued (I think)


  1. I'm quite liking the neon chicken! you might be on to something, what with the 80's revival.....

  2. Yes wouldn't it be great if I could recreate it in fabric! MMMM!(Scratching my head)