Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Small item challenge

I received a lovely phone call yesterday from a sweet lady who asked me if I would be interested in selling some of our prints and textiles at a craft fair. Well I'm a sucker for doing craft fairs and because I was slightly flattered that our little business had been discussed at a committee meeting I said yes. The only trouble is this craft fair is in two weeks and I don't have any thing new made. I have plenty of ideas that will come into fruition by the end of April, this being the start of my Craft Fair season, but not for the end of March.

So I've decided to set myself a small item challenge. I aim to make one small item a day- this will include pin cushions, needle books and brooches. Here goes........first problem with my challenge is a poorly daughter!

Some things I will need. Fabric! Where do I start I can't resist fabric and I have so much.

Look how organised I'm becoming- I've got patterns, scissors, a tape measure and....

BUTTONS! Look at our fab button box me and Julie bought a few weeks ago. Yummers!

I discovered a pretty shop in Hawes on Sunday and bought these ribbons. Well someone had to and I was obviously meant to get them!

I've started cutting out some brooches, I hope I'll get a little further than this.

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  1. Hi - I was given a week's notice to have a stall last month. I made it, but literally wore the skin off one of my fingers in the process!Am new to your blog, just love your makes.xx