Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hard day at the office....well sort of!

Hello and welcome to the We are obviously very new to the world of blog (6 attempts-starting to tear my hair out) so please be kind. Hopefully with a bit of practise we'll soon become blogtastic!

Let me introduce us and give you abit of an insite to what we do. It won't always be work, work, work

This is me......

I'm Grace.

and this is Julie. Or as I like to call her- Mrs. Bellas that's because she's a teacher and I think I'm really funny! Sometimes when I think I'm super funny I just call her Mrs. B! Ha! Ha!

We love to take pictures, print pictures, craft and create. Best of all we love being mums!

We also really love our unit at Brougham Hall (near Penrith, Cumbria) even though the building is a ruin and the renovation work is in "working progress". Its ours, where we work, hang out, have belly laughs and where we...

print cards.....

print LARGE pictures

make bags.......

Look at one of our lovely little make-up bags sitting on top of a flowery print. We screamed with excitement at the beautiful colours. Hopefully one day the print will be made into a lampshade. Busy! Busy!

Someones photograph about to be spewed out of our amazing printer and be turned into a poster sized print. WOW!

More soon.....

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