Tuesday, 4 October 2011

From Now On It's Only BIG Decorations For Me

Last week I simply despaired. Nothing seemed to go right.......please tell me why does this happen? First in the series of terrible events was that our boiler broke in a spectacular fashion. Thankfully last week was a scorcher of a week so we were OK for warmth. However there was no end to the boiling of pans so that we could keep ourselves clean. Our boiler did eventually get fixed but only for it to break down again three days later. UMPH!

Amongst this mayhem my daughter was off school, I scratched my car and I've messed up my tax returns. These things cause me no end of worry.

But then in my mental state I created these



Big buttons, tactile felt. Big colour!

Big trees, I love them! They were fun to make, they helped me exercise some demons. I think they are like 'In your face' Christmas trees. I did become very giddy with excitement when I hung on them on my door to take these pictures. Creative fun at it's best.


  1. I hate weeks like these! the same happened to our boiler but last year when the temps were below -10 in the day and I had flu! love your trees, so cute!!

    Hope this week improves for you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Oh no fingers crossed everything will OK this year!

    I do love my warmth.