Friday, 28 October 2011

Craft Fair Pics......WOWEE!

I only have a few images to show you from the Vintage Revival Fair in Kendal that I took part in last Sunday. Thankfully this is down to being super busy and rushed off my feet and basically not having any time to take pictures or even sit down!!!!

Pic Number 1.......I have suddenly found my white shelves to be extremely useful at these events. They add so much height to my display and many of my items are at eye level, they also don't take up much room in my car.

Pic Number 2......Cushions. I apologize for the angle of this photograph, I have no idea if this even the correct way round.

Pic Number 3..... A close up. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is planning to take part in a craft fair over this festive period to invest in a small set of shelves. I make fairly large items and sometimes there isn't enough space to display my handmade lovely things, or the space is different to what I imagined and I usually have a mini meltdown when this happens. At least with my shelves I was able to have a play and arrange my items at home before the big event. Also using my shelves means I have extra table space for the Christmas decorations and stocking fillers- which are items I don't sell all year round and something else to think about.

Pic Number daughter. Meet Lily! My daughter got so much of a buzz from selling one item last week and was excited by the experience of earning money that she has now announced she works for me. EEK! I'm not sure how long this will last but for now I'm keeping her to her word!!!!

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