Friday, 12 August 2011

More new things.... this time! Woo! Hoo!

Excuse my pictures they're a little crude, but I was so excited to receive this parcel of amazing things I couldn't help grabbing my camera. I've taken a few snaps to show you this happy box of delights.
 LOOK- colourful pom-poms and trims. Gorgeous!
I couldn't help myself, I took one look at these beautiful ribbons and I've used them already. TEE! HEE!
Don't worry there is plenty left for sale.
 Big colourful buttons. I also have stripy ones on their way.
 I have fiesta bright pom poms.....
 ......and beautiful soft, romantic velvet trims. MMMM!

 Everything will be stocked here

I'm thinking that I might make up some beautiful colour schemes with bags of various buttons and trims in  colours of soft blues, pinks and creams and maybe another bag of tonal trims and buttons in bright fiesta colours. I'm so very excited!

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