Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I've been on my hols and other stuff!!

A few weeks ago I went on my hols to Alpe d'Huez, France. It was fab, pics to follow!!!

Other stuff- last week I had some work done on my house and guess phone line was accidentally cut through. Aaaarrrgh! I immediately thought 'Oh dear no phone!' This was then followed by the slow realisation that no phone line also meant no Internet. EEK! How was I to survive? Let me tell you the withdrawal symptoms have been difficult to cope with at times, but (taking a deep breath) we are fine now. My house is also tidy for the first time since I can't remember.

Here are some holiday pics...........I have many, many more-

We travelled two days in order to catch the time trial of the Tour De France- this is Mark Cavendish's thigh!

 Part of Alpe d'Huez. The view from our balcony!

There may be snow on those burly mountains but the sun was so powerful that I burnt my nose, neck and shoulders.

The top of Pic Blanc. In for the duration- if you stood here long enough you could see Mont Blanc. Apparently!

We had a white knuckle ride, in the car, to the Col du Galibier. 

This picture was taken from a cable car. I'm not a fan of heights and I didn't look down much.

The lovely resort in the mountains.

Because we didn't ever want to come home we decided to go to Paris on the way home. This was a mad idea. I can't way up which is worse- being in the clouds on a cable car or driving through and trying to get to grips with the traffic in Paris. (Thankfully I wasn't driving- I closed my eyes instead!)

This was the strangest thing we saw on our holiday. The Ghost Buster's car in an empty underground car park!

This was a whistle stop tour and in five hours we went here.......


and here!
My bags are still packed and I could easily do it all again.

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