Thursday, 14 April 2011

FREE P&P TO THE UK- on 30g button bag collections

I really should post more blog updates........that's a note to myself!!!!

So over at Once in the North 2  we have decided to offer FREE P&P 'on 30g button bag varieties' TO THE UK ONLY...sorry lovely folks in far away beautiful lands. This is for a limited time only. Why are we doing this? Well we have neglected our lovely shop for some time as sewing and sewing has taken over our lives, but now we have free time to dust the cyber cobwebs, invest some TLC and add new buttons and new life into our shop. This is the first of many promos as buttons are so forgiving and they should be part of every ones life.......come on button lovers let me hear a cheer!!!!!

Lovely RED, WHITE and BLUE  buttons. So royally majestic and oh so proud- each bag (which means each colour) is a 30g mixed bag of beautiful buttons.

Colour, colour, colour lots of lovely colour that's what my second button bag promo consists of

six bags/six colours each one with 30g of mixed glorious scrumptious colourful zesty buttons!

Please note if I could give these beauties away I probably would but I have growing girls so I have to earn a living, it takes time to sort them and weigh them but I'm happy to pay for the postage if you take them off my hands.

Thank you very much kind crafting sirs.

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