Thursday, 17 March 2011

All NEW Buttony Goodness

As you have probably already figured out photography is not one of my greatest creative talents! But I'm trying believe me I really am well and truly trying!!

Just like my ribbons I've been secretly storing away a whole new batch of the most amazing buttons, until I have the ultimate photograph that is! I'm not a perfectionist I hope you realize, I'm just not good at taking pics.

But now ladies and hopefully some crafting men it is time to unveil....cut the ribbon....smash the champagne.....introduce some new button beauties. Yes only some, I fear many of my photographs are pants!!!

Here is my Tutti Frutti Mix. Bright bold colours that I think are perfect for schools you know- yes buttons can be educational too!

 I've called this button mix the Garden Pond Variety. The colours are vibrant and fresh and also very earthy, there are the odd little fishy amongst this mix hence Garden Pond

Lovely, bubbly girly pinks this is my Sticky and Sweet Pinks mix. These buttons make me feel giddy and happy I want to jump for joy!!!!!

Just look at these glamorous ladies aren't they sophisticated? This my Pearly White Button Mix I think they would be perfect for embellishing wedding invitations or cards or even cute little favours!!!

I've listed them here at where the price is in USD but have no fear I will also list them at Folksy.

More buttons are on their way.........


  1. Love the garden and pearly white sets :)
    Your photography is great!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Oh Cheers!
    Yes the pearly whites are gorgeous!!!

    I've many more colours but sometimes me and photography are just happening!!!!