Monday, 14 March 2011

My Little Ribbon Bird

Before I start a hard days crafting-

LOOK.....piles and piles of crafting! Not that I'm complaining, I consider myself to be a very lucky sort of a bunny to earn a living doing what I love. But you know sometimes...sometimes those finishing off jobs are a little daunting!

So! Back to what I want to chat about. Before I start a solid day of craft I should show you what kept me busy yesterday-

Here he is- My Little Ribbon Bird. AW! How cute!!

I was recently invited along with many other fab and wonderful designers to design and make a little bird for the event l.ttle bird. Each designer donates their hand crafted 3D bird for this remarkable exhibition, personally I can't wait to see them all in flight. At the end of the exhibition the birds are sold and the money raised is for Women for Women International, an inspirational charity helping women in war-torn countries to rebuild their lives and start businesses.The l.ttle bird exhibition is being held at the Dukes Theatre Gallery in Lancaster on 22nd March- 17 April.



  1. You make some great things, I love your birdie! Enjoy your crafting day :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Hi! Yep I surely will. Putting the washing out then grabbing a coffee and then I'll be ready.
    I really enjoy simple pleasures on a lovely day don't you?

  3. Love the little birdie - ribbon heaven! It is years since I went to the Dukes - hope it goes really well