Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Happy New Year to all- my lovely, jubbly, bubbly followers!! Here's to a NEW start and all that.

This is a NEW blog post, the first of the year and I want to share a few NEW items with you.

These are my new, fun and functional lavender pillows. I think this little patchwork bird is here to stay and you will be seeing him a lot over this beautiful new year (I'm trying to be positive here- I'm not a fan of Jan)

WOWEEEE! BIG buttons! These I love a lot so much so they give me tingles every time I look at them. They are also new in my Etsy supplies shop

These are medium sized buttons of the same kind- soon to appear in my shops.

Beautiful new ribbons of all varieties- grosgrain with polka dots, fine woven gingham ribbons, satin cutout ribbons and very fine ribbon with thread stitched through. Each one as lovely as the other. They make me buzz with excitement and this is why I felt the need to share them now. I promise to list them in my shop, I won't keep them all to myself!

Finally....a NEW do! MMM! Not the most flattering of pics and especially with no make-up on, but in my defense I had just returned from a gruelling two hour walk. My hair is mainly purple by the way! My favourite colour.

Our New home....not really, I just love this little gingerbread house I made with the girls over the festive hols and thought it was worth sharing.

See you all soon.

 Have you noticed the new look blog?


  1. Love the cushions! - I have also dyed my hair purple for January!!!