Friday, 14 January 2011

£5.00ish Sale..............

Yes I am having a £5.00ish sale. I say £5.00 because a few items are more and a few are less. It depends what happens when things are converted into USD (United States Dollars) you see!

Here's a selection of my sale items from my various shops

Birdy key Charms- £5.00 each from my Folksy Shop (UK)

Also from the same shop are a selection of textile Christmas baubles

Pin Cushions from my supplies shop on Etsy (my pins cushions are listed at $7.50/ £4.85)

This delightful creation is from my craft shop on Etsy, you can find it in the Silly Sale section. (This lavender pillow is priced at $7.90/ £5.11)

I think it's called de-toxing!

1 comment:

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