Wednesday, 15 June 2011


YUM! by Once upon a time in the north
YUM!, a photo by Once upon a time in the north on Flickr.

As I was having a whole 'lotta' fun sewing the other day I somehow found myself sorting through my buttons. Now you should understand that button sorting is a favourite pastime of mine and I need no excuses. It gives me immense pleasure to sort them into their individual jewel like colours, their various shapes, sizes, whether they have two holes or four....... Maybe it's because I'm a control freak or possibly that sometimes I'm a Teaching Assistant- buttons are an excellent educational tool as well you know!

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  1. oooh gorgeous colours! I once saw a mosaic made of rainbow coloured buttons, bits of glass, smalti and other bright items: it was amazing and I've been thinking of using buttons in my mosaics ever since...
    I've come over from Etsy to say hello - and am now following your lovely blog because it's ...well, lovely!!