Friday, 11 February 2011

I'm in love with funky pinwheels

Oh yes I am and here's why-

Not only are they bright, cheerful and pretty they are also highly functional and I find them useful when sewing a number of pieces of fabric together. My super creative friend turns them into buttonhole decorations for weddings. Personally I love their syrupy colours- I have a passion for the kitsch!

Today these funky feathers are my favourite and NEW in my Etsy Shop

If you feel it's too much hassle to be shopping in US Dollars then help is here my friend- I've recently opened a British based online store at Creative Stores. It is filled with oodles of talent and creative artisans and worth a sneaky peek!


  1. Pretty!! I really love the blues and greens in the second picture.

  2. Oh thanks! I've so much stock but I'm having problems with my pictures so nothings getting listed! You've cheered me up!