Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I Heart Shell Buttons!

I've managed to source a collection of super cute shell buttons to add to my shop on Etsy.

Take a look at the loveliness of this teeny fish buttons.......I lurve them!

Let me see more!!!

I have named this collection the Bikini Bottom Mix.......I'm sorry there are no SpongeBob yellow looking shell buttons in this teeny mix. Its half term next week and that means one of a number of things will be going on in my house, SpongeBob will definitely be on in the background!! So I think that's why I have given them this name.

In this mix we have Oblong Shell Buttons, Pinky/Red Round Shell Buttons, Blue Round Sea Shell Buttons, Burnt Orange Round Sea Shell Buttons, Fuschia Pink Round Sea Shell Buttons, Ruby Red Round Sea Shell Buttons, Square Smoke Agoya Shell Buttons

My shell buttons are in a limited supply at this precise moment so I will only be selling them at (I will hopefully list them on Folksy eventually.)

I am selling them in little lovely bags of 35 thats 5 of each variety

The oblong ones are my favourite- they are tiny wonders of the sea and oh so pretty!

Let me know what you think? I do endeavour to supply bigger quantities of these beauties.



  1. They are all gorgeous - especially the fishy ones - they always look so fragile!!!


  2. I adore buttons! I have a vast collection, colour sorted, in glass jars to admire. I think the fish buttons are ace, they are so delicate and pretty at the same time.

    Bee happy x