Saturday, 3 July 2010

Crafty family

I loved doing my competition, it was great fun and also an excellent way of clearing out some of my textile creations. Of course this means I now have room to make and store many more bags, cushions, pin cushions and what ever else I feel the need to create. I have so many products on the go that I feel that I should be more organised and I am even considering opening up another shop, just so I don't start to look random. Of course this all takes time and energy so I intend to get my head down and crack on, I will try and blog updates but to be honest I don't know how some people find the time to do it all.

In the meantime here is my lovely daughter Lily, she also has the textile bug!! She recently sat her SATS- bless her. We were all kind of dreading it but I have to say that her teachers were brilliant, they were calm throughout the week and put no unnecessary stress on the children. Lily came home every evening with so much energy and zest that I actually think she enjoyed the week, so much so that she decided to make brooches for everyone in her class!! Thankfully we live in a village and there are only eight children in her class.

Lily loves donkeys and I found this fun fabric at Fabric Rehab so we snapped it up. She made brooches for the girls, a key ring for the only boy in her class and a lavender bag for her teacher (thats the big donkey in the pic). However she didn't stop there she then went onto make business cards and then sealed them all in their own bags.
Her mates loved them and I was really proud of her.


  1. How fab are Lily's brooches!! I cant wait til i can let Maisy loose with my sewing machine!! She has said when she grows up she wants to make aprons too, so fingers crossed she will have a crafty streak!! xx

  2. Cheers, she did really well. Very bossy though insisting that I show her how to use the sewing machine "Right now". She prefers to cook and bake so I was thrilled when she came up with the idea! Maisy will def have a crafty streak! If you are anything like me your house will be full of things that "Might come in useful one day!"