Thursday, 6 May 2010

My Crafty Fair Weekend

I've uploaded some pics of my marathon craft fair weekend. I call it a marathon because of the distance between the two events (Lake District to nearly the Yorkshire Dales). It was pretty hectic and very busy. I sold some small bits and pieces and gave away plenty of price lists for our photographs on canvas side of the business. I always wish I could sell more at these sort of events..... don't we all!! I've learnt that people are still not willing to part with much money and an average amount a customer will spend is between £7.00- £8.00, but I always try to tempt them with gorgeous things.

More me
(I'm not fond of getting my picture taken so I usually clown around. However I'm now starting to think that I should act sensibly because in MANY years to come how will I explain myself to my grandchildren!!!)

Ian from allfusedglass

Lisa from enchanted-wood

Me again at Dent on Saturday morning and with a lesson learnt- not me though my other lovely half! Lots of lovely crafters have blogged valuable craft fair advice lately, my one piece of advice is to be organised. Make lists of everything you need, start it a few days in advance so that you can keep adding to it. Plan your stall- lay your items out in the same size area your table will be or you could even sketch it. Take pics from previous events.
My lovely man didn't plan a thing, he was printing labels for his extremely tasty chutneys and chilli oils on Saturday morning and we ended up rushing. So basically he forgot some labels! WHOOPS! He did however make more money than me...BOO!